Hello there! I’m Jenny, an accountant by day, Craftflixer (yes, that is Crafts + Netflix as a verb) by night!

I created this blog to share me – the sassy, crafty, business lover who likes to make random things, share life and dating advice, and create fun things for everyday life. My online dating trials need to mean something!!

I want to share my tips and tricks for crafts, living on a budget, working through debt, and I apologize for how often I will mention Doctor Who. (Just getting that out of the way now, it will come up. I’m trying. My bad.)

I love to crochet, swim, and love working with my clients at work! I have a degree from Kelley School of Business in Accounting and International Business, with a Spanish minor…. I love learning languages!

I live with my dog Toby, who is adorable and barely tolerates my crafting, aside from the comfy dog bed I made him. We live in Indiana and enjoy the temperamental weather.

Check out my blog and share more about you with me!